Dyno Tuning

Custom Engine Calibration Dyno Tuning Services

Blacktrax Performance offers on-site dyno tuning services with our Dynapack 3000 dyno, providing you with the most accurate measurement from the hub, not from the tire.

Dynapack's part-throttle, steady state load capabilities results in high precision throttle modulation power and control.

Get the area under the curve your engine's capable of generating at all throttle positions, not just WOT.

Stop messing with chips or maps that don't match or belong to your setup.

Blacktrax offers full turnkey completed projects using the latest engine management system technologies.

Have your motor built, installed and tuned all in one location!



Tuned to Win!


Repeatable. Reliable. Optimization.

Every Bit Counts.

— Graham Downey

You are an amazing tuner!

I drove the two S2000's and the K24 Civic... all drove amazing, power smooth & consistent & fast!        #tunedbyblacktrax

We are Developing Tuning Strategies one Motorsport at a Time!

  • Fuel Conservation for Endurance Racing Strategy
  • Meet Power to Weight Ratio Racing Specifications
  • CAN Enabled Controls & Dash Communication
  • Data Acquisition & ECU Integration
  • Engine Failure Protection & Countermeasures
  • Alternative Fuels

Dyno Checklist

Dyno Appointments & Relevant Questions by Email or Contact Us Only Please!

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Tuning devices & services mentioned here may not be legal for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicles. Please see for state by state emissions requirements.