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  Established in 2002, BlackTrax continues to deliver the latest in custom and high performance solutions for your import and domestic vehicles. Located near the Great Mall in Milpitas, CA we specialize in dyno tuning, engine conversions, complete engine building, custom fabrication, and more. Learn about our services //

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S2000 Baffled Oil Pans [Lifetime Warranty]
In production, these aircraft grade aluminum oil pan baffles come TIG welded to BRAND NEW OEM Honda Oil Pans. No used parts. No used cores... Learn more //

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Hondata Flashpro & Dealer Reflash
FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging or save the hassle of buying hardware ask us about the Dealer Reflash option.. Learn more //

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  fpro S2000 Pillow Ball Bumpsteer Kits
S2000 drivers oftentimes describe handling characteristics to be "twitchy". Most of this is due to the excessive toe change as the suspension compresses and rebounds. Lowering your car often induces bump steer, which is caused by the change in angle of your tie rods.
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